Floyd Mayweather thinks Jeremy Lin gets attention SOLELY because he is Asian-American

Full Story at ESPN Here : Jeremy Lin being Asian-American is part (and probably a big part) of his hype. But I’m sorry Floyd, facts don’t lie, J-Lin is ballin right now.

This is Mayweather’s controversial Tweat: “Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise…”

Look, like I said in the beginning, Mayweather has a point. Part of the hype is definitely because of his race. But to Mr. Mayweather and all the other skeptics, here is illustration of LinSanity:   Asian-American + NBA + Harvard + Cut from two NBA teams + Rose up from the D-League (players of all races fail there) + Humble + Christian + Handsome (oh yes!) + New York market + The New York Knicks + ESPN and social media + (insert a number of other factors here) =LINSANITY!

Just look at all those factors in that equation. Find me a player, of any race, and in any sport, with such a diverse amount of factors to consider and where that player has not gotten the same amount of attention (if not more). Remember, Tiger Woods? He got a lot of attention because he was African-American in a predominantly white sport and he won a lot and accomplished a lot. J-Lin is not on that level yet (he’s just won a few games, 5 as of this post), but Mayweather did you call Tiger Woods’s fame out to be based solely on race?

Finally, Mayweather, why don’y you say Manny Pacquiao’s fame is due to race only? Oh yeah I forgot, because you know he’s better than you. Keep hiding behind Twitter and the media Mayweather. Preserve your ignorant thoughts, ego, and meaningless record in an even more meaningless sport (sorry Pac-Man).


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Mandatory Jeremy Lin Shout-Out

Hi AsiansPushingAzns’s readers, I apologize for being behind on posts. Work and interviewing for jobs (my current position is a one-year term).

However, I wanted to take the time to give a shout out to Jeremy Lin!

For those of you unfamiliar with Lin’s story, he is a APA Harvard Graduate and an undrafted player in the NBA. Initially, Lin was a member of the Golden State Warriors and then the New York Knicks decided to take a chance on him. After weeks of playing in the “D League” or riding the pine, Jeremy Lin has emerged as the much needed spark for the previously slumping New York Knicks.

Whether you are a fan of Lin because he has a great background story or because he is an APA, I believe we can all agree it is great to see such a young, determined, and developing player succeed in the NBA, where frankly most people don’t see APA’s succeeding.

UPDATED: 2-8-12, 12:22pm: Here is an even better article on “LinSanity” then the aforementioned ESPN article: “LinSanity

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More Violence Against APA Business Owners: WANTED Suspects in Homicide/Robbery of Restaurant Owner In 15th Police District

As a follow up to my previous post, I sadly report another incident where an APA Business Owner has been gunned down and killed in cold blood. Below is a release from the Philadelphia Police Department (“PPD”) regarding the incident:

For Immediate Release
January 23, 2012

Wanted:Suspects in Homicide/Robbery of Restaurant Owner In 15th Police District
$15,000 Reward for Information Leading to the Arrests in the Murder of Huang Xiang

On Friday, January 20, 2012, at approximately 6:59 PM two unknown black males entered Jin House Take Out Restaurant, located at 4832 Longshore Avenue. The two unknown males shot the owner Huang Xiang, a 27 year old male from the 2400 Block of Mildred Street in the chest during the course of a robbery. Huang Xiang succumbed to his injuries at the scene at 7:13 PM. The two suspects are described as black males , last seen wearing all dark clothing and possibly black ski masks. A $15, 000 reward is being offered by the City of Philadelphia for information leading to the arrests and convictions of these two males. Anyone with any information is asked to call 911.
***The City of Philadelphia is offering up to a $15,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the suspect(s) in this homicide***
To submit a tip via telephone, dial 215.686.TIPS (8477).

AsiansPushingAzns strongly urges anyone with any relevant information to contact the authorities. In addition to the search for information, I also have to ask myself (and our readers) why APA business owners? Is it because we appear weak? Is it because APA business owners like to carry cash because of the old way of thinking that banks cannot be trust?

Putting race aside, some of my sources in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office indicate that some issues include that fact that:

Many of these stores do not have video surveillance equipment installed, nor do a significant number of them have windows made of bullet-proof plexiglass.  While these are issues that have been brought to the attention of APA store owners in the past, given these recent developments and violent acts committed, they would be be re-addressed at any prospective community meeting.  Unfortunately, the problems surrounding these stores also involve much more deeply-rooted problems involving rampant drug-trafficking activity in the neighborhoods where these stores are located.  However, safety and crime prevention are of course critical topics of which to remind the community in context of such violent criminal activity.   

Whether its because of misinformed prejudices against APAs or the need for APA Business Owners to take more precaution, I think we can all agree that safety is a priority. Encourage APA business owners you know to contact authorities about tips and advice they may have regarding the improvement of their security. I hope I don’t have to post another follow-up in the near future (or ever).

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First Asian-American and Immigrant Appointed to New Jersey Supreme Court

On Monday January 23, 2012 New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, has made two historic nominations. First, Governor Christie nominated Phillip H. Kwon, the first Asian-American and Immigrant to server on The State of New Jersey’s highest court. Second, the Governor nominated Bruce A. Harris, Mayor of Chatham, an African-American, and the first openly gay member of the Court.

More on Phillip H. Kwon from NJTODAY.net:

Kwon currently serves as First Assistant Attorney General where he has been the principal legal and strategic adviser to the Attorney General. Previously, he served New Jersey as part of the United States Attorney’s Office as the Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division, the Chief of the Violent Crimes Unit and the Assistant US Attorney of both the Special Prosecutions Division and the Criminal Division. In that capacity, he was the lead prosecutor on a diverse range of federal crimes and public corruption matters, in addition to taking on cases against some of New Jersey’s most notorious and violent groups, such as the Bloods, Crips, and Latin Kings. Kwon graduated from Georgetown University and from Rutgers Law School where he was an editor of the Law Review. Read more: http://njtoday.net/2012/01/23/christie-makes-historic-supreme-court-nominations/#ixzz1kKEDAY2l

As an APA resident and practicing attorney in New Jersey, this is wonderful news! I may not be able to be the first APA New Jersey Supreme Court Justice, but that won’t stop my drive. I truly hope that within the next two generations our society (or at least the court system) can truly be color-blind.

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Violence against Asian Business Owners

Everyone has their favorite eating, drinking, or shopping spots within their respective “China-towns,” “K-Towns,” etc. Besides the great food and atmosphere, it is also great to see long-standing and thriving APA business owners. Unfortunately, some people see APA business owners as an opportunity for robbery and violence.

Recently, Peter Ly was ambushed, shot, and robbed outside of a bank. Mr. Ly was the 55-year old deli owner of Rainbow Deli in the 5200 block of Market Street in West Philadelphia. Surveillance video shows a car pulled up to Mr. Ly, attempted to pull him in the car, robbed him of thousands of dollars, and then shot him multiple times. It is a blessing to see many witnesses have come forward and are attempting to assist the authorities. Also, it is nice to see that the FBI has joined the investigation.

Taking Action: On Thursday January 19th, 2012, the local authorities are sponsoring an “Asian Community Outreach Presentation.” See Montco Outreach Hmart. It is a great way to bring together members of the community, provide them with tips on how to be safe, and also to show the community that the police are looking out for their safety.If you know anyone in this area, spread the word!

With the rise of attacks against APA business owners in the Pennsylvania suburban areas the last few years, it is difficult to say why exactly these criminals target APA business owners. Maybe it is because they think they’re weaker? More timid? Carry more cash than other business owners? Whatever the ignorant stereotypes and reasoning behind their heinous acts may be, it is in everyone’s best interests to always remain vigilant, alert, and safe.


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An example of the ultimate goal of AsiansPushingAzns

I will admit, I had a lot of inspiration in creating AsiansPushingAzns. Blogs such as: Angry Asian Man, 8 Asians, and AboveTheLaw really motivated me to begin writing about legal, political, and social Asian-Pacific American (“APA”) Issues. As a lawyer looking to make an impact both in my career and in my community (where I live and the APA community), I really admire APAs who constantly strive for justice for APAs and all people. One example is Pearl Kim, Angry Asian Man‘s recent Reader of the Week.

Ms. Kim  is an “Assistant District Attorney, Pearl Kim, in the Special Victims and Domestic Violence Division at Delaware County District Attorney’s Office, Pennsylvania.” What better job than to get paid to fight injustice! Read more about Ms. Kim here: http://blog.angryasianman.com/2012/01/angry-reader-of-week-pearl-kim.html

Overall, it really is the goal of AsiansPushingAzns to not only raise awareness about problems facing the APA community, but I strongly feel it is equally important that our community should be aware and proud of APAs such as Ms. Kim who hold well-respected, vital, and important positions in our society.

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Welcome to AsiansPushingAzns!

Welcome to AsiansPushingAzns!

AsiansPushingAzns will be focusing on a wide variety of legal, political, and social issues that are relevant to the Asian-Pacific American (“APA”) community. In line with its name, the goal of AsiansPushingAzns is to become a resource of information and a platform for discussion to help “push” other APA’s (and any other interested readers) to get involved in the APA community in one form or another.

Find out more about AsiansPushingAzns and click here: About the Founder and Editor-In-Chief!

Additionally, as a new blog, I welcome any and all constructive criticism. Thanks in advance!

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